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Periodic Paralysis Network became incorporated in Washington state October 01, 2014. The funds used to incorporate came from book sales and private party donations. Periodic Paralysis Network, Inc. (PPNI) is an privately owned S Corporation recognized by the IRS. Calvin Hunter and Susan Q. Knittle-Hunter serve in dual capacities as board members and majority share holders.


Magazine Article
Why Do I Use a Power Wheelchair When I Can Walk?

Magazine Article
Living on the Peninsula, Fall 2013

Newspaper Article
"Woman tracks down cause of her paralysis;"

Press Release, 03-19-2011, Daily Herald, Susan Hunter

KTVL News Story

KTVL News 10, May 17, 2011 4:55 AM Press Release

"Susan Knittle-Hunter is thrilled to be Tuesday’s Facebook Friend of the Day." She is a retired special education teacher that lives in Grants Pass with her husband. She has three children and five grandchildren. Knittle-Hunter says she is very interested in local and world news. Even more, she spends a lot of time on Facebook interacting with her friends and family. But her time on the computer isn’t all about news. It is about research and writing. Knittle-Hunter has a very rare disease – Andersen-Tawil Syndrome, a form of Periodic Paralysis. Doctors have only diagnosed 100 people in the world with it. Knittle-Hunter has created a website about her disease and is writing a book. The site is designed to created a hands-on approach to understanding the disease, symptom management and getting proper diagnosis. She said she has been ill since she was a child and medical professionals misdiagnosed her for many years. “I was not diagnosed in a timely manner and am so ill now that all I can do is sit in a recliner,” Knittle-Hunter said. “I become paralyzed periodically due to potassium shifting in my muscles.” She shares her story on her website."

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