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Tools & Supplies

Medical Tools & Spplies

It might seem a bit overwhelming looking through the list of medical devices and supplies needed to manage Periodic Paralysis. A well stocked medical took kit will cost somewhere between five hundred and one thousand dollars. Some of the equipment is obtainable through a medical provider depending on his/her willingness to help. Most insurance companies will argue against the necessity of patients having such equipment and be unwilling to pay for testing equipment and supplies. They will most likely deny any claims without proper documentation demonstrating specific needs. We had to purchase all of these devices with our own funds but have never regretted having them. These devices relieve a lot of uncertainty and help both patient and care-giver cope with very difficult circumstances and help with making informed choices. The more we knew about metabolic processes the better our decisions could be on how to identify causes and treat symptoms. These devices will help you take better control over your own health.

Printable Charts

Triggers Chart

Sample Triggers Chart

Daily Vitals Chart

Stethoscope - Can be purchased at any Medical Supply Outlet.
Digital Temperature Ear Thermometer - Can be purchased at any Medical Supply Outlet.

Wrist Blood Pressure Device

Digital PH Testing Meter

Blood Sugar Monitor

Nutri Bullet Blender/Mixer System

Extracting nutrients from natural food sources is much more affordable and convenient today with the use of a nutrients extractor. Nutri Bullet is the kitchen tool we use to turn raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds into liquid drinks that help optimize metabolism, overall health and pH balance on the alkaline side.

Neck Cooler


Neck coolers help keep body temperature down during times of temperature increases. They are made with material that absorbes water and kept in the refrigerator in a plastic container filled with cold water when not in use. When in use it is removed from the plastic container and placed loosely around the neck to reduce body temperature.

FDNA Facial Recognition

FDNA develops unique screening solutions, based on advanced facial analysis technology. FDNA Accessible Genetics is a company offering a new tool for assistance in possibly diagnosing Andersen-Tawil Syndrome. Through the use of photograph recognition based on advanced facial analysis they can detect facial characteristics, which may accompany ATS. Paired with other symptoms and characteristics of an individual, doctors may be able to add it to the list of criteria for a clinical diagnosis. Right now the service is free. If you contact them, let them know that you are looking for a diagnosis of Andersen-Tawil Syndrome so they can add this to their files.

Translation Software Services

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